Oakton® ECTestrs™ 11+ Multi-Range Meter
Oakton Instruments

The Oakton® ECTestr 11+ is a handheld, waterproof and dustproof pocket meter that reads multi-range measurements, measures electrical conductivity (EC), and floats, if dropped in liquids. A portable pocket meter is commonly used to measure the EC of substance in aquaculture, aquariums, fish ponds, food processing, swimming pools, and in environmental treatment. This meter has three different ranges; ultra low, low and high. The ultra-low range is for measuring total dissolved solids (TDS) or conductivity (μS ) in distilled water, natural water, drinking water, and reverse osmosis systems. Its low range is for measuring TDS or EC (μS) in natural water, verify reverse osmosis system operation and tap water quality, and checks nutrient solution concentration in hydroponics applications. The tester’s high range measures TDS or EC (μS) in salt water, waste water, cooling tower water, and boiler condensate. The tester is used to check nutrient solution concentration in hydroponics applications, measure pond salinity and recirculating systems, and to check saline and chemical levels in pools and spas. The meter has Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) for accurate readings in fluctuating temperatures, and single, or one-point per range, push-button calibration for more precise readings. It features a replaceable, two-pin type electrode to extend meter life. Its stainless steel sensor tip is both durable and chemical resistant, and the sensor is cup-style to draw or grab samples. It has an Ingress Protection (IP) 67-rated waterproof, dustproof, Valox resin housing for protection against solid objects or liquids. The meter has an upright, dual-line screen for ease of viewing, and temperature readout with simultaneous display in degrees C or F. It has a hold function which freezes readings for recording, and an auto shut-off function to extend the life of the batteries. Its dimensions are 1.5 (w) x 6.5 (h) inches (3.8 x 16.8 cm) and it weighs 3.25 ounces. The tester works with four 1.5 V alkaline batteries (not included) for up to 100 hours of continuous use (approximately 600 tests per battery pack). Alternate battery replacement model LR44 (not included) may be used.

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ECTestrs™ 11+ Multi-Range Meter


Electrode for TDSTestrs+ and ECTestrs+


Belt-loop Waterproof Carrying Case


Batteries, Replacement, 1.5V, 6/pack


ECTestr and TDS Testr Calibration Kit

Cat. No. C5751B
Model ECTestrs 11+ Multi-Range Meter
Range 0 to 200.0, 0 to 2000 μS; 0 to 20.00 mS
Resolution 0.1, 1 μS; 0.01 mS
Accuracy ±1% full-scale
Calibration 3 Point manual or auto
(88 µS; 1413µS; 12.88 mS)
Calibration Std. Range 20.0 to 199.9 µS; 200 to 199.9 µS
2.0 to 19.99 mS
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