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SmallCopper Strip Corrosion Test Bomb Bath
Thermostatically controlled water bath immerses Copper Strip Corrosion Test Bombs at the required depth per ASTM specifications. Use for testing aviation gasoline, aviation turbine fuel and natural gasoline. Fully insulated, double-wall stainless steel construction. Soxhlet reflux condenser and constant water level devic... $2,998.00
Copper Strip Corrosion Test Tube BathCopper Strip Corrosion Test Tube Bath
Constant temperature bath immerses 16 test tubes for copper strip tarnish tests of products not requiring a test bomb, including: diesel fuel, fuel oil, automotive gasoline, Stoddard solvent, kerosene and lubricating oil. Microprocessor temperature controller has °C/°F switchable digital set point and display. Maximum Te... $3,862.00
Copper Strip Corrosion Test Bomb. KoehlerCopper Strip Corrosion Test Bomb. Koehler
This Copper Strip Corrosion Test Bomb is a precision-machined stainless steel bomb that inserts in copper corrosion bath for testing aviation fuels and natural gasoline. Withstands test pressure of 100psi (689kPa) per specifications. Threaded cap with O-ring gasket and knurled circumference tightens by hand to a positive... $723.00
Copper Corrosion Test StripsCopper Corrosion Test Strips
Copper strips used in ASTM D-130 tests with P2800 and P2840 corrosion bombs. P2860-1 is sanded smooth on all sides, ready for final polishing and cleaning. Both P2860-1 and P2860-2 copper strips come with a pre-drilled hole in the end for hanging in the corrosion bomb cylinder. $16.00
LPG Corrosion Bomb HeaterLPG Corrosion Bomb Heater
Designed especially for the L-P gas industry for performing the copper strip corrosion test. Accepts 4-standard type test bombs. Explosion-resistant, thermostatically controlled to maintain heat at 100° F as per ASTM D-130. Portable (12 Volts) or Benchtop (115V) models. $1,942.00