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BEL-ART F13554-0001 Large Electrophoresis Fixing Tray - E0640-2


This fixing tray allows the user to drain the fixing solution and then place filter paper on top of the gel while it rests in the tray. Solution is then recoverable for reuse.

  • Dimensions: 21½ x 25½ x 4”
  • Extraction of the plates is facilitated by 9.5mm (⅜") square ridges running lengthwise that hold the plate off the tray
  • Also useful in electrophoresis destaining of large gels
  • Drain stopcock in the side with 1.8 meters (6') of Vikem® vinyl tubing, 13mm (½") I.D., permits more complete drainage of fluid into a receptacle
  • Provides a slower, more controlled drain rate to avoid disturbing the gel
  • 6.4mm (¼") thick with a top stiffening flange and 5 ribs in the bottom to raise the gel and plates
  • Heavy polyethylene; virtually unbreakable
  • Hooks on the rim of the tray hold tubing

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BEL-ART F13554-0001 Large Electrophoresis Fixing Tray
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