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BrandTech® accu-jet® pro, Green, 120V, Pipette Controller - P7757C-1


The BrandTech® 26332 accu-jet® pro, Green, 120V, Pipette Controller achieves its lightweight and ergonomic design with no compromise in performance. Fingertip pressure on two buttons provides precise meniscus control for continuously variable speed: fast to sensitive filling; drop-wise or powered dispensing and blow-out – even soft blow-out for resuspension of cell-pellets after centrifugation. There's no need to stop to adjust speed; the firmer the button pressure, the faster the aspiration or dispensing. A convenient mode switch even permits accurate gravity dispensing with volumetric pipettes! And a range control dial allows the user to set a maximum speed–especially helpful with low-volume pipettes or critical operations. The BRAND® accu-jet®pro weighs only 6.7 ounces, yet provides eight hours of continuous pipetting power before recharging – four to six hours more than most competitive units of comparable weight under comparable operating conditions. Many competitive designs permit extended operation only with a heavy battery pack or power cord. Others achieve extended run time only by including a third control so that the pump can be operated at a slower speed. The accu-jet®pro delivers its full performance for eight hours, with fingertip pressure on two buttons providing all control options, and the unit is fully-functional during re-charging. The accu-jet® pro pipette controller is supplied with: wall support (gray), NiMH battery, two battery covers (one smooth, one ridged), two spare 0.2µm membrane filters (sterile - sterilized with EO (ethylene oxide)), charger (US plug models listed, others available), operating manual, and one year warranty.
  • Its ergonomic design features a smoothly curved shape to eliminate pressure points for operator comfort; weighs only 6.7 oz.
  • Pressure-sensitive buttons provide improved pipetting speed control, plus a motor-speed-limiter control thumbwheel adds extra assurance with pipettes as small as 0.1mL.
  • LED charge indicator flashes when approximately 2 hours of pipetting time is left; instrument can be operated while charging.
  • Long-life, environmentally-friendly NiMH battery supplies approximately 8 hours of continuous pipetting (with a 10mL pipette); special pulsed-mode charger eliminates "lazy battery effect".
Color: Green
Voltage: 120V

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BrandTech® accu-jet® pro, Green, 120V, Pipette Controller
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