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BrandTech® Standard Filter Pipette Tips 50-1000µL (70mm long), TipBox, Sterile - P7643G-4


BrandTech® 732734 Standard Filter Pipette Tips 50-1000µL (70mm long), Sterlie TipBoxes are produced using the most advanced cleanroom techniques to ensure consistently high quality. The tips are manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner using only high-purity polypropylene, free from oleamide and diHEMDA - additives which can interfere with biological tests. Filter tips have a non-self-sealing PE filter that is free from chemical additives and allows easy uncontaminated sample recovery if the filter is wetted. Permeability is controlled by the combination of pore size and filter length, so that no aerosols can reach the pipette shaft. They are available BIO-CERT® sterile, or ULR BIO-CERT® sterile in volume sizes ranging from  0.1-1µL to 50-1000µL.
  • Manufactured without lubricants
  • Cadmium-free pigments
  • Graduation for quick volume check
  • All rack packed tips are free from DNA(<40fg), RNase(<8.6fg), ATP(<1fg) and endotoxins (<1fg).
  • Autoclavable at 121°C (2bar), acc. DIN EN 285
Capacity: 50-1000µL (70mm long)
Graduations: at 250µL, 500µL and 1000µL
Pack of: 10 boxes, 96 each
Qty/Pack: 960

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BrandTech® Standard Filter Pipette Tips 50-1000µL (70mm long), TipBox, Sterile
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