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Control Company 1603 Lab Label Maker Tape, Blue - CON1603


Quickly and easily make labels for chemicals, bottles, shelves and equipment. Self-adhesive colored tape sticks powerfully to any surface including glass, plastic, metal, rubber, or wood. Raised white letters on 3/8-inch (9mm) wide tape are readable from 8 feet. Operation is easy: dial a letter, squeeze the handle, and when finished pull down black lever in the front of the unit to cut the tape. Easy-Peel™ perforation allows the label backing to be removed quickly and efficiently. Lab Label Tape™ available in multiple colors, allows for color coding labels for specific requirements. Label tape can be unloaded and reloaded in less than 30 seconds. No batteries needed, unit is always ready to use. Supplied with two rolls of tape, blue and red.

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Control Company 1603 Lab Label Maker Tape, Blue
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