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Drainboard Pipet Washer-Rinser - P7840-1


Low-Density Polyethylene Pipet Washer-Rinser designed for use on sink drainboard. Large siphon tube permits water to be cycled rapidly through pipets. Repeats automatically. Water use may be as low as 1.5 liters per minute. May be connected directly to drainline. When there's a drop in water pressure, water inlet at top eliminates the risk of back-siphoning contaminated water into the water line. Equipped with 1 in. 90¡ elbow for connection to flexible tubing. When used with tubing cut to a length of 6 to 12 in. (152.4 mm to 304.8 mm).Size: F

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Drainboard Pipet Washer-Rinser
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