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Eppendorf® Easypet® Pipetting Aid - P7756B-2A


Precise, safe, and fatigue-free series pipetting using graduated pipets is now possible with the aid of Easypet, a lightweight, handheld device. The device responds exactly to finger pressure for slow or rapid aspiration, setting the meniscus, or emptying the pipet. Suitable for graduated pipets from 0.1 mL to 100 mL. Touch control adjustable speed for rapid or slow pipetting needs. Fine control of the meniscus movement. High aspirating speed: 25 mL in 5 seconds. One-finger control for the Dispensing and Blowout functions. Cordless, works for up to seven hours after recharging. Autoclavable pipet adapters and filter holders. Space-saving wall holder. Ships with transformer, wall holder, and two membrane filters/0.45 µm.

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Eppendorf® Easypet® Pipetting Aid
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