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Eppendorf¨ Maxipettor¨ - P7605-1


The Eppendorf® Maxipettor® is a continuously adjustable pipette for precise pipetting of volumes up to 10 mL (in 10 µL increments). Even liquids with a high vapor pressure or viscosity can be pipetted with ease. Control button for volume selection and digital volume display. Valve for Maxitip ensures drip-free dispensing of liquids with a high vapor pressure. The pipette tips for the Maxipettor are tailored to different vessels. For example, the Maxitip P is designed for aspirating 1 mL to 10 mL from beakers. It pipettes according to the positive-displacement principle. The Maxitip S for 2.5 mL to 10 mL forms a system with the Maxipettor, and it is used for aspirating liquid from tall, narrow-neck vessels. Maxitip G is graduated for dispensing accurate volumes of non-aqueous liquids.Eppendorf Maxipettor®
Volume Range: 1–10 mL

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Eppendorf¨ Maxipettor¨
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