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Eppendorf® Model 5702 Adjustable Speed Centrifuge - C1785A-1


The compact Eppendorf Centrifuge Model 5702 is a quiet, high-quality centrifuge that provides exceptional value for low-speed centrifugation in the low- to mid-throughput range. It holds a remarkable amount of tubes for its size, and it quickly spins a variety of popular cell culture and blood tubes in a choice of rotors. Accommodating fixed-angle or swing-bucket rotors, its versatility addresses your exact needs. State-of-the-art, yet simple, this centrifuge is easy to operate. The motorized "soft-touch" lid makes loading and closing effortless. The time and speed knobs allow you to set and adjust these parameters quickly and easily: speed can be set in rpm or rcf (g-force), eliminating the need for tedious calculations; and settings can be changed during a run. You can also lock your settings to protect them against unintentional adjustment. Once the parameters are set, simply press the time knob to start your pre-programmed run. When complete, an audible signal at the end of the run alerts you to remove your sensitive samples; the motorized lid unlocks automatically for easy, one-handed access. With state-of-the-art features at an economical price, this centrifuge is sure to please you as well as your budget. The Centrifuge Model 5702, with its space-saving (12.5 x 16 in) footprint and innovative design, can accommodate a remarkable 30 x 15 mL round-bottom tubes or 20 x 15 mL conical tubes. Your choice of fixed-angle or swing-bucket rotors provides flexibility for low-speed centrifugation of sensitive cells and blood. The A-4-38 Swing-bucket Rotor can spin up to four 85 mL tubes in aerosol-tight buckets at rcf up to 3,000 x g. A variety of adapters accept all common standard, conical and blood collection tubes. For applications requiring higher tube capacity, rectangular buckets for up to 24 x 15 mL glass tubes can be used. Two versions of the F-35-30-17 Fixed-angle Rotor are available for a capacity of up to 30 x 15 mL. A simple, eight-place swing-bucket rotor is also available for 15 mL conical tubes. Rotor and adapter combinations can be determined at time of purchase.

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Eppendorf® Model 5702 Adjustable Speed Centrifuge
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