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Eppendorf Repeater® stream Electronic Pipette - P7591


Eppendorf Repeater® stream Electronic Pipette combines easy handling with a broad range of features. When used with Combitips Plus® tips, the dispenser/tip forms an unbeatable system that is the quintessential lab tool for all applications: Repeater stream is suitable for all standard pipetting and dispensing applications.

The electronic Repeater stream hand dispensers are ideal for process acceleration and saving time on long-series pipetting: their increased volume selection provides outstanding flexibility and exceptional support for research as well as routine tasks; and their smooth handling reduces the fatigue associated with repetitive work.

Combitips Plus tips easily attach to the Repeaters; their built-in sensor recognizes the size of the tip, and the volume appears automatically in the display—eliminating time-consuming volume calculations and incorrect dispensing volumes. The nine sizes of Combitips Plus allow a wider dispensing range of up to 112 different volumes and longer series dispensing (e. g., 100 x 250 µl) without stopping for a refill. Always contamination-free. (See: P7701 for tip selection.)

Combitips Plus tips function according to the positive-displacement principle, which ensures that the correct volume is dispensed regardless of the density or viscosity of the liquid. The positive displacement system provides safer dispensing of solutions that contain radioactive and/or toxic substances, as well as solutions that have a high vapor pressure, because no aerosols are formed. Combitips are easily replaced—eject with the push of a button— and dispose after use, always contamination-free.

The Repeater/Combitips system is a sophisticated solution for repetitive liquid handling applications. These contamination-free manual and electronic systems are designed with your productivity and safety in mind—especially when working with hazardous, volatile or viscous liquids.

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Eppendorf Repeater® stream Electronic Pipette
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