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Eppendorf Research® plus Adjustable Volume Pipette - P7524-6


The Eppendorf Research® plus sets a new standard in pipetting. The ultra light Eppendorf Research plus pipette meets the highest needs in precision and accuracy – combined with ultimate ergonomics and increased flexibility. A spring loaded tip cone, a secondary calibration option, an improved volume display – and all that in an ultra light, fully autoclavable pipette.

With improved ergonomics you can feel the difference in weight, pipetting forces and the spring loaded tip cone. This can only be achieved by using the most advanced materials and production processes, including the new Eppendorf PerfectPiston™ system, made of Fortron®. Fortron® is an organic polymer with impressive characteristics. It is highly resistant to heat, acid and alkalies, mildew, bleeches, aging, sunlight and abrasion. It absorbs only small amounts of solvents and resist dyeing. This means you pipette is safe, robust and ultra Lite. The spring-loaded tip achieves optimum tightness with minimum attachment forces, helping to reduce stress without sacrificing tightness. Even small differences in the tip ejection forces make a big change if you do it day by day. The tip ejection forces of the new Eppendorf Research® plus can be as low as 3.6 N, depending on the size and force you use to fix the tip. The positions and shapes of all control buttons and displays have been optimized again to ensure stress-free workflow and intuitive usage. The volume adjustment wheel needs only a few turnarounds from maximum volume to minimum volume.

Your next experiment will need new pipetting schemes. Your new laboratory might have different sources of contamination. Your new pipette should offer all the flexibility you need. Calibrate your Research plus to your needs, autoclave the entire pipette or only the lower part. Choose among single channel, multi channel and fix-volume pipettes in different sizes.

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Eppendorf Research® plus Adjustable Volume Pipette
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