Photo of KOEHLER Breaking Point of Bitumen Apparatus

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KOEHLER Breaking Point of Bitumen Apparatus. Determines the breaking point of solid and semi-solid bitumens. A thin steel plaque is coated with the sample and flexed in a bending apparatus at descending temperatures until cracks appear in the sample coating. Consists of two concentric borosilicate glass tubes with movable steel plate holders. A cone-and-peg mechanism moves the inner tube up and down relative to the outer tube, which varies the distance between the plate holders, causing the stainless steel test plate to be flexed. The inner tube accommodates a test thermometer. Supplied with 12 spring stainless steel plaques. Conforms to IP 80 specifications. Shipping Weight: 20 lbs (9.1kg). Dimensions: 2.5 Cu. ft.

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