Photo of A&D HL-i Ninja Series Scales

A&D HL-i Ninja Series Scales. ALL MODELS

The HL-i “Ninja” Series is ideal for use in the office, warehouse, kitchen, or laboratory. Tough ABS construction assures long service life and over a wide temperature range. Easily portable at about 5 x 8 inches. Weigh in grams, ounces or carats. The HL-2000i also weighs in lb-oz. 2 year warranty.

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Cat. No. Mfr. No. Title Price Quantity
B1055-1 HL-200i A&D HL-200i Ninja Digital Compact Scale, 200g x 0.1g
B1055-2 HL-2000i A&D HL-2000i Ninja Digital Compact Scale, 2000g x 1g