Photo of Boekel "Hot Tubs" General Purpose Water Bath, 28L

Boekel "Hot Tubs" General Purpose Water Bath, 28L

The Boekel line of General Purpose Water Baths offers a variety of sizes to meet all of your needs and is ideal for general lab applications. The large LED display can be clearly seen from a distance. The space saving design allows for the most efficient use of your bench space and the PID Controller makes for easy temperature selection, rapid heat-up and excellent stability. Three point factory programmed temperature calibration for accurate temperature control throughout the operating temperature range. Seamless, passivated stainless steel tank; includes stainless steel diffuser tray/shelf and is supplied with a Polycarbonate lid. The recessed control panel protects against spills. In addition, this General Purpose Water Bath line can also be used as a Boiling Bath by simply setting the temperature into a boiling mode. With this convenient feature, you no longer need to purchase a separate, single function Boiling Bath. Note: Stainless steel gabled covers are required for use when water bath is placed in boiling mode. (230V units are supplied with continental European plug.) Two year warranty.
Hot Tub - Water Bath, 28L w/Polycarb Lid 230V
Cat. No. Mfr. No. Title Price Quantity
W5306-1E 290300-2 Boekel "Hot Tubs" General Purpose Water Bath, 28L