Portable Oil Centrifuges, Heated

Photo of Transport Series Portable Oil Centrifuges.
These 12 VDC portable shake-out machines have a rugged steel outer case. All models have a variable speed motor with tachometer. Heated models are double insulated to prevent heat loss. P2435-1 and P2435-2 have two pre-heated pockets for fast sample heat-up. P2435-1 and P2435-2 have a two-place trunnion head (4-place is available as a special order) that accepts short cone, 100mL oil centrifuge tubes. P2435-3 thru P2435-14 are unheated. Select a model that will accept 100mL short cone or pear shaped oil centrifuge tubes as well as 12.5mL finger tubes.
Photo of Water & Sediment in Crude Oil Centrifuge, Heated
This 12 VDC heated centrifuge is designed to meet the API Standard for determination of water and sediment in crude oil by centrification. Chamber temperature maximum is 140° F (60° C). Furnished without preheater pockets (samples must be preheated before they are centrifuged). Power is supplied by vehicles cigarette lighter. Heating element is controlled with on/off switch and adjustable thermoswitch. Speed is rheostat controlled and will easily exceed the required rpm for the test. Also available in 115 VAC. 20"w x 20"d x 12"h.
Photo of Lightweight Portable Heated Centrifuge
The Walker lightweight centrifuge line is housed in a fabricated sheet metal housing that provides durability and heat holding capacity with lighter weight. Saves 30 to 40 pounds compared to similar versions. All major repairs can be done to this unit without taking it out of the vehicle. The motor comes out through the top of its housing. The electrical components are in the box on the front of the machine and the entire box can be replaced without taking the unit out of service. The unit is rugged, fully insulated and operates from the vehicle's 12 Volt DC Electrical System.
Photo of Portable Heated Oil Centrifuge, 4-Place
This heated, 4-place portable centrifuge is designed to spin pear shaped or short cone tubes. Hot water from vehicles cooling system is circulated through a water tight section in base of unit. This eliminates the need for separate oil sample heaters. 12 VDC motor is powered through vehicles cigarette lighter. 18"d x 18"w x 10"h. Shipping weight: 45 Lbs.