Multi-Range Portable Conductivity Meters. Hanna

These Hanna Instruments meters are splash-proof multi-range meters that measure conductivity in four different ranges for the highest accuracy possible. The distinguishing feature between the two models is manual versus automatic temperature compensation. These meters have been specifically designed for use in the areas of production and quality control. Measurements in each of the four ranges can be performed at the touch of a button without having to change the probe. This allows the user to easily switch applications without having to re-calibrate. Simple manual temperature compensation is achieved through a knob on the front panel. The 4-ring potentiometric probe is made of rugged PVC for the best protection in the field and comes with a 3.3" cable to access hard to reach areas. Both C5749-1 and C5749-2 are supplied complete with probe, 9V battery, screwdriver, manual, a quick-reference, warranty and testing card and a padded vinyl case and sleeve.
Conductivity Meter w/Auto Temp Compensation

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Photo of Multi-Range Portable Conductivity Meters. Hanna
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