Microlab 500A Diluter/Dispensers. Hamilton

MICROLAB 500A dispensers simplify sample preparation methods requiring sample or reagent dispensing. Aliquot, serial, simple, and titrate dispenses can easily be performed with a simple touch of a hand probe button or a tap of a foot switch. Both single and dual syringe drives are available to either double throughput or double the volumes dispensed. Volumes less than 1 µL to 50 mL can be dispensed accurately and reproducibly. These models have a single program memory. The MICROLAB 501A is a single syringe dispenser designed for single precision dispensing applications. The MICROLAB 503A is a dual syringe diluter designed for repetitive dilution applications. The MICROLAB 504A is a dual syringe dispenser designed for precision dispensing applications that require more than one liquid to be dispensed at a time.
ML504A Dual Syringe Dispenser. 220 VAC
Photo of Microlab 500A Diluter/Dispensers. Hamilton
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