Analog Control

Photo of Analog Dry Bath Incubators. Boekel
Boekel Scientific offers a wide variety of Dry Bath Incubators designed to accommodate an assortment of interchangeable Heating Block Modules. These reliable and economical products are ideal for a variety of applications including restriction digests, COD denaturing DNA, BUN, melting agar, coagulation studies, in situ hybridization and Hot Start PCR. Amber Pilot Light. Dynamic temperature range. Supplied with block extractor rod. Max. Temperature: 150° C. Uniformity: ± 0.5° C at 37° C. Dimensions: H1220-1/-2: 20.3W x 24.9D x 8.9Hcm.
Thermo Scientific analog and dry baths offer precise temperature control resolution and a much smaller footprint than a general purpose incubator and can be used at temperatures up to 130°C. These analog dry block heaters feature a built-in temperature-sensing probe for improved temperature accuracy and control. Compact design saves valuable bench space. The anodized aluminum modular blocks accommodate test tubes, square cuvettes, microcentrifuge tubes, 96-well plates, PCR plates and conical bottom centrifuge tubes.
Photo of Cimerac® Basic Stirrers
Thermo Scientific Cimarec basic stirrers are ideal for economical, general-purpose use. Stirring speeds from 100 to 2500rpm. The control knobs allow precise speed setting. Integral ring-stand holder accommodates 0.5 in. (1.3cm) diameter support rod. The new top-plate design reduces chance of breakage while the spillaway design diverts spills away from internal components. (Sample Photo Shown. Individual models may differ from the image shown.)
Photo of Corning® PC-200 4 x 5 Inch Top Hot Plate with Analog Control, 120V/60Hz

These Corning® hot plates have a durable glass-ceramic Pyroceram® 4 x 5 inch top and offer superior performance and reliability in a low profile, space-saving design. They are UL and CUL approved to meet needs in North America and other locations with similar requirements. -Easy-to-read numbers simplify measurements, and rugged, extra-large knobs provide greater control for gloved fingers. Hot top indicator light blinks a warning if the top is too hot to touch (>140°F) even when the unit is turned off.

Photo of Corning 6795-170 PC-170 Scholar Hot Plate with 5"x5" Top

The most economical Corning hot plate, the PC-170 is an efficient choice for your heating needs. Its compact 5 x 5 inch design minimizes wasted bench space and features a white enameled steel top for maximum heat conduction. Operates on 120V/60Hz to meet needs in North America and other locations with similar requirements. Dual heat shields ensure the outer case remains cool to the touch. UL/CUL approved. One-year warranty.