Photo of Control Company 3096 Flexible Arm Light, Long

Control Company Flexible Arm Lights™. COMBINED DISPLAY

Flexible-Arm™ places light exactly where needed. It's ideal for inspection, quality control, electronics, and sample examination. Fingertip bar raises, lowers and pivots the perfectly balanced lamp wherever desired. It moves 360 degrees in three dimensions. The arm smoothly articulates at three points. Spring counterbalance permits smooth and fluid movement with superior stability. Stylish design is geared specifically for the lab. It is engineered with durable metal construction for years of heavy use. The shade is compact and vented, has rolled edges, and a safety-glass cover with a UV filter for eye-protection. Designed specifically to reduce distortion, increase contrast, and give visual clarity up to 40% greater than typical lamps. It is ideal for viewing samples, photographs, pc boards, and reading. It brings out the finest details and renders colors accurately. Beam closely resembles daylight for correct color detection. The natural light is virtually glare free. Supplied with 7 pound, 7 inch diameter metal base for the bench. In addition, it comes with clamping unit for positioning vertically or horizontally to the top or side of any edge. The Flexible-Arm™ comes supplied with a white reflector and 35 watt bright halogen white light. Unit weight is 8 pounds. UL listed, 115 VAC.

Flexible Arm Light

Cat. No. Mfr. No. Title Price Quantity
CON3095 3095 Control Company 3095 Flexible Arm Light
CON3096 3096 Control Company 3096 Flexible Arm Light, Long
CON3098 3098 Control Company 3098 Replacement Halogen Bulb for Flexible Arm Light