Photo of Reichert Veterinary VET360 Meter - Sample Pipet

Reichert Veterinary VET360 Meter - Sample Pipet

The Reichert VET360 features an incredibly durable, impact resistant, and waterproof housing to ensure quality readings every time. A new blue prism also improves the readability of the scale and shadowline intersect. It uses automatic temperature compensation to provide accurate readings regardless of ambient temperature. The unit automatically corrects all readings back to the Standard Reference Temperature of 68ᄚF (20ᄚC). This provides superior accuracy and reliability, and much greater accuracy than with urinometers of reagent strips. The Reichert VET360 is easy to use. Simply place a drop or two of sample on the prism, hold the prism perpendicular to a light source, and look into the eyepiece. It instantly determines urine specific gravity (used to derive urine total solids) and protein concentration of plasma, serum as well as peritoneal fluid.
Sample Pipet
Cat. No. Mfr. No. Title Price Quantity
R3058-2 7181-821 Reichert Veterinary VET360 Meter - Sample Pipet