Photo of Hose Nipple Deionizer Cartridges and Holder.

Hose Nipple Deionizer Cartridges and Holder.

These Hose Nipple Cartridges utilize the same superior quality resins used in PCS cartridges. They are ideal for small volume applications. The 100% virgin polypropylene cartridge rinses to high quality quickly. Designed for non-pressure applications1, these cartridges include 3/8" barb hose connections on each end. D2835-10 and D2835-12 cartridges include tapered straight nipple for 3/8" ID tubing. All cartridges (except D2835-5 and D2835-7) contain dyes that change color when resin is exhausted. Hose Nipple Cartridge Holder (D2835-1) has an integrated wall-mounting bracket.