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Glas-Col 104A PC512 LimiTrol Over-Temperature Controller, 120V - H1574-1


The LimiTrol temperature limiting control provides a safety backup for laboratory heating processes. When installed between the primary power or temperature control and the power source, the LimiTrol allows for over-temperature limiting. The operator simply sets the LimiTrol to the maximum temperature for the process. Temperature range is 0 to 750° C (1,382° F). Should the primary power control fail, or the process temperature be exceeded for any reason, the LimiTrol will terminate power to the primary control, thus reducing the chance of damage to samples, expensive equipment, and glassware due to overheating. The unit features a manual reset, which means power will remain off until the operator restores the system. The set-point dial is calibrated in 20° C (68° F)increments, and the load and thermocouple receptacles are located on the front panel for easy access. Set Point Accuracy: ± 3% of span maximum. Furnished with a type J immersion thermocouple with 6"-long stainless steel probe. Ships with lighted on/off power switch with auxiliary LED indicator, fuse protection, 3-wire load receptacle, 3-wire line cord with molded plug. 8"w x 6"d x 3-3/8"h. Shipping weight: 3 Lbs.

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Glas-Col 104A PC512 LimiTrol Over-Temperature Controller, 120V
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