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GRANT INSTRUMENTS Optima TX150T Heating Circulator with Clamp, 120V - C4124-2


GRANT INSTRUMENTS Optima TX150T Heating Circulator with T-Clamp incorporates Intelligent Control Optimisation (ICO) for adaptive intelligent PID temperature control and includes a powerful integral pump, making TX150 systems suitable both for immersing samples and circulating temperature controlled fluid to external devices. The temperature range and heater power are automatically limited according to the liquid type selected. The TX150 control unit has a host of powerful and convenient programming features for optimum application flexibility. These include a convenient heater timer for early starts/late shutdowns, a programmable relay for switching external devices on/off, option for remote temperature monitoring, USB interface for PC communication and data collection, and memory capacity for one program of up to 30 segments. Unit ships with a mounting T-CLAMP for use with virtually any vertical sided tank. 120V.

•Full Color QVGA TFT screen clearly displaying actual and set temperatures, pump speed and clear status icons
•Intuitive screen icons and menus allow fast and accurate setup
•USB interface allows connection to PC or laptop for programming or data logging
•TXPEP and TXSEP external probes for monitoring and controlling temperature of remote loads
•TX150 can store 1 program with 30 segments
•Adjustable over temperature cut-out
•Powerful integral pump for external fluid circulation, maximum flow 18L/min
•Variable high and low temperature alarm settings - configurable to switch a relay
•Two point calibration for optimum accuracy
•Optional Labwise PC software for program set-up, data logging and real-time graphing
•Controllable Temperature Range: -15 to 150ºC
•Stability ± 0.01ºC

NOTE: operation at or below ambient temperature requires accessory cooling

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GRANT INSTRUMENTS Optima TX150T Heating Circulator with Clamp, 120V
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