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Grant MICROSPIN 12 High-Speed Microcentrifuge - C1710-1


The Grant MICROSPIN 12 is a compact high-speed benchtop microcentrifuge with a built-in rotor for 12 x 1.5mL or 2mL microtubes. Ideal for biomedical laboratories. Simple push-buttons and a clear 2-line LCD status display shows actual and set values of time, set and actual speed, and relative centrifugal force (g-force). Brushless motor with a fixed angle rotor provides very quiet performance. Additional tube adapters for 0.5ml or 0.2ml microtubes are also included as standard.

Speed: 100 - 14,500 rpm
Operation Time: 1 - 30 mins
Power: 120-230V, 50/60Hz

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Grant MICROSPIN 12 High-Speed Microcentrifuge
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