Photo of Dispensers for Staccups® Beakers

Dispensers for Staccups® Beakers. ALL SIZES

For convenience, cleanliness, organization and accessibility, install these Wall-Mounted Dispensers in all key locations. Available for two Staccups® beaker sizes: 120cc (4 fl. oz.) and 500cc (17 fl. oz.). Clearly visible window to indicate low supply. Top-loading with convenient bottom-dispensing. Hardware and installation instructions for wall-mounting included.

(Sample Photo Shown. Individual items may differ from the image shown.)


Cat. No. Mfr. No. Title Price Quantity
B3204D-1 6405 Dispenser for Staccups 120CC Beakers
B3204D-2 6416 Dispensers for 500cc Staccups Beakers