Photo of Control Company 3125 Hand Tally Counter

Control Company 3125 Hand Tally Counter

Easy-to-use, four-digit counter records up to 9999. Numbers instantly and automatically return to zero with a twist of the reset knob. Hundreds of lab applications provide opportunities to: count blood samples, take surveys, inventory items, total drops of liquid, receive lab samples, and tally biomedical events. For ease in viewing, large white numerals appear on a black background. A protective window seals out dust, dirt, and humidity. The rugged, heavy-duty chrome-finished case has a hinged finger loop for a sure grip. Finger pressure on the button produces an audible click that signals the count. This feature provides the assurance of a registered count without looking at the counter. Metal construction is designed for reliability, long life, and hard use. Unique engineering provides a smooth, tactile feel. Compact unit is ideal for carrying in the pocket. Size is 1-3/4-inch diameter by 1-1/8-inch width, and weight is 3 ounces.


Hand Tally Counter

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CON3125 3125 Control Company 3125 Hand Tally Counter