3-Piece Filter Funnels, Glass

Photo of 3-Piece Filter Funnel. Whatman
Whatman 3-Piece filtering funnels are quickly dismantled and ready for the insertion of new filters. The glass sealing flanges of the funnel and reservoir are ground flat to ensure a good filter seal. All retained solids are deposited within the filter circle. The edge clamping prevents peripheral loss and possible passage of solution around, rather than through, the filter circle. The parts can be quickly and efficiently cleaned because of the simplicity of design. For quick and easy filtration, Whatman 3-Piece filter funnels are available with a choice of three plates.
Photo of Filter Funnels for Membranes. Whatman
These glass vacuum type filter funnels are ideally suited for filtration in gravimetric analysis, bacteriological controls and in biochemical applications. Available in three different funnel capacities, and with either a glass frit (GF) or S/S screen (SS). Support for either 25mm or 47mm diameter membranes.