Photo of Nunc Eight Well Strip Cap
The Eight Well Strip Cap is made of flexible polyethylene. It provides a positive seal for each well. The secure seal of the cap minimizes evaporation and contamination. The sterile version is a necessity when sealing 96 well MicroWell plates for storage of valuable cell cultures or DNA. The shallow depth of the cap optimizes well volume utilization. The caps can be used with flat and round bottom wells containing up to 300l or 200l respectively. The Strip Caps maintain their seal in temperatures ranging from 20°C to 60°C.
Photo of Nunc-Immuno StarWell Modules
The StarWell Immuno Module design features the precise placement of eight fins on the inner wall of a C bottom well. The inside well bottom is a modified C design, which better facilitates washing and coating. The deliberate orientation of the eight fins ensures compatibility with most MicroWell plate instrumentation and aspiration systems. The addition of the eight fins inside the well increases the surface area by 50%. This increase in surface area allows more molecules to be immobilized, increasing assay signal.
Photo of FluoroNunc Modules and Plates
FluoroNunc Modules and Plates are ideal for FluoroMetric Assay (IFMA) and Fluoro-Immuno Assay (FIA) applications using a fluorescence labeled reagent or fluorescence substrate. Five configurations are available: white, black and transparent modules with C or flat bottom wells in frames as well as white and transparent plates with C bottom wells. FluoroNunc modules and plates are standard size, 86mm x 128mm and 96 well format. They fit existing plate and strip fluorometers and are compatible with MicroWell plate readers, washers and dispensers.
Photo of Nunclon Tubes
In virology and cell culture Nunc round and flat-sided tubes have shown excellent performance. The entire surface of each tube is given the Nunclon surface, for good cell attachment and growth. Static culture in round bottomed tubes produces cell growth in a narrow line on the tube side. With a rotator, the entire side of the tube will have growth. Nunc Cell and Tissue Culture Tubes are tested and certified to guarantee uniform quality. The Nunc flat-sided tube provides a horizontal growth area on which cells spread well without using a rotator. It needs no support during incubation.
Photo of Nunc-Immuno Modules

The Nunc-immuno Modules System is specifically designed for quantitative solid-phase immunoassays. The system consists of modules and frames. When modules are assembled in a frame they are equivalent to a standard 96 well plate. Modules are available in round, flat or C bottom wells. Select from three surface treatments: MaxiSorp surface for assays requiring a high affinity for polar groups. PolySorp surface is less polar than MaxiSorp surface. It has a higher affinity to molecules of a hydrophobic nature.

Photo of Nunc CovaLink Framed Microplate with F8 Well Design_96-Well x 400uL

Nunc CovaLink Framed Microplate with F8 Well Design_96-Well x 400uL are strips of 8 flat-bottom, optically clear, polystyrene wells, developed for covalent binding of proteins, peptides, DNA, carbohydrates and other molecules. Covalent binding has the following advantages over passive absorption: high binding strength, binding of distinct functional groups and specific orientation of molecules and improved stability. The 96 well format allows use of standard laboratory equipment and familiar assay techniques.