Microwell Modules

Photo of FluoroNunc Modules and Plates
FluoroNunc Modules and Plates are ideal for FluoroMetric Assay (IFMA) and Fluoro-Immuno Assay (FIA) applications using a fluorescence labeled reagent or fluorescence substrate. Five configurations are available: white, black and transparent modules with C or flat bottom wells in frames as well as white and transparent plates with C bottom wells. FluoroNunc modules and plates are standard size, 86mm x 128mm and 96 well format. They fit existing plate and strip fluorometers and are compatible with MicroWell plate readers, washers and dispensers.
Photo of Nunc-Immuno Modules

The Nunc-immuno Modules System is specifically designed for quantitative solid-phase immunoassays. The system consists of modules and frames. When modules are assembled in a frame they are equivalent to a standard 96 well plate. Modules are available in round, flat or C bottom wells. Select from three surface treatments: MaxiSorp surface for assays requiring a high affinity for polar groups. PolySorp surface is less polar than MaxiSorp surface. It has a higher affinity to molecules of a hydrophobic nature.

Photo of Nunc CovaLink Framed Microplate with F8 Well Design_96-Well x 400uL

Nunc CovaLink Framed Microplate with F8 Well Design_96-Well x 400uL are strips of 8 flat-bottom, optically clear, polystyrene wells, developed for covalent binding of proteins, peptides, DNA, carbohydrates and other molecules. Covalent binding has the following advantages over passive absorption: high binding strength, binding of distinct functional groups and specific orientation of molecules and improved stability. The 96 well format allows use of standard laboratory equipment and familiar assay techniques.