Photo of Compound Oil Immersion Microscopes, National Optical 150 Series

Compound Oil Immersion Microscopes, National Optical 150 Series

National Optical's 150 series oil immersion compound microscopes offer all the normal popular features of a high grade biological microscope but in a moderate price range. This series of microscopes is offered with monocular, dual mono, binocular and trinocular eyepiece viewing heads. All models include WF10x/18mm eyepieces with 30° inclined heads that rotate 360° for reverse position viewing. In addition to these features, this series of microscopes also comes standard with 4x, 10x, 40xR and 100xR oil immersion objective lenses. The stage for this series of microscopes measures 124 x 135mm and includes a low-position mechanical specimen holder and coaxial controls with an 80mm (x) by 45mm (y) movement with graduations of 0.1mm. This series of microscopes has 1.25 N.A. Abbe condenser with rack and pinion focusing, iris diaphragm swing-out filter holder and a blue filter which is supplied. Focusing includes coarse and fine focusing wheels. Illumination for these microscopes includes a 6v/20watt halogen bulb with variable rheostat control. The frame for these microscopes is a cast aluminum with a tan enamel finish and a gray trim. Weight 12.6 Lbs.