Serological Pipets, Multi-Pack, Sterile, Plugged

Photo of Corning 7078 PYREX® Disposable Plugged and Sterile Multi-Pack TD Serological Pipets with Graduations

These sterile disposable PYREX® serological pipets are designed for the larger-volume user. They are calibrated "to deliver" (TD) with blow-out and are packed to permit easy access to several pipets at a time without contaminating the entire case. Similar to P6357, except multi-packed in plastic bags. New I.S.O. color-coding is printed directly on the tear strip for easy identification by size. Reference: ASTM E-714.

(Sample Photo Shown. Individual items may differ from the image shown.)


Photo of Kimble 72100 KIMAX Sterile and Plugged Disposable Glass Serological Pipets, Color-Coded in Multi-Pack

Kimble 72100 KIMAX Sterile and Plugged Disposable Glass Color-Coded Serological Pipets in Multi-Packs have a uniform pulled tip and are clean, plugged, sterile and ready for use. Calibrated To Deliver (TD) to the tip.  Provided with “negative” graduations to increase the versatility of the pipet. Sizes 1 and 2 mL are packaged 25 pieces per bag, sizes 5 and 10 mL are 10 pieces per bag, bags are color-coded. Designed from ASTM Specification E714.  Manufactured from 51 expansion borosilicate glass conforming to USP Type I and ASTM E438, Type I, Class B requirements.