Tissue Culture Dishes

Photo of Falcon™ Primaria™ Treated Tissue Culture Dishes.
Falcon™ Primaria™ Cell Culture Dishes with Easy-Grip™ design are made of surface-modified polystyrene for enhanced cell culture. Falcon™ Primaria™ cultureware features a unique nitrogen containing tissue-culture surface chemistry that improves attachment, spreading, and growth for many primary cells or cell lines. No special storage required. Sterilized by gamma irradiation, nonpyrogenic. Supplied with lids.
Photo of Nunclon Tissue Culture Dishes
Nunc manufactures a variety of dishes with culture areas ranging from 9 to 500cm 2. Dishes for adherent cell culture have the Nunclon D surface. In addition to physical tests and appearance, Nunclon D products are checked routinely for cell growth properties. The Nunclon D 245 Square Dish has a culture area of 500cm 2. It is used for culture of large quantities of cells. Nunclon D dishes are of high optical quality providing excellent and consistent viewing where microscopic examination is required. Nunc dishes have top and bottom stacking rings.