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Orion™ ROSS Combination pH Electrodes. Thermo Scientific - PH4200-7SC


The Thermo Scientific® Orion ROSS™ series of electrodes provide readings stable to 0.01 pH in less than 30 seconds, even in the extreme case of samples varying from one another by 50°C or more. Operating range is 0 to 100° C. Results are three to five times more precise than those obtained with conventional electrodes. And, because drift is less than 0.002 pH per day, restandardization is minimized. Ceramic junction is standard. Conventional electrodes can leach metal ions into the filling solution and subsequently into the sample. ROSS™ Electrodes do not contain silver or mercury to react with the sample or clog the ceramic frit. Use ROSS™ pH Electrodes where trace amounts of metal ions, in such samples as biological media, foodstuffs, and pharmaceuticals, cannot be tolerated. Electrodes with a screw-cap connection (-SC) ship without connecting cable.

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Orion™ ROSS Combination pH Electrodes. Thermo Scientific
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