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QuikSipª Bottletop Aspirator. BrandTech - P8132-1


The QuikSipª is a new hand-held aspirator for the safe removal of media (such as cell culture media) from dishes, flasks, culture bottles or microwell plates. It is also handy for removing supernatants after precipitation or centrifugation of proteins or nucleic acids. No external vacuum source required. Each stroke of the plunger allows for aspiration of 25mL. Unique QuikSipª controller allows fingertip control of aspiration. Controller may be used with optional 8-channel manifold, disposable pipette tips, micropipettes and Pasteur pipettes. Adapter and suction tube of the controller are autoclavable at 250¡F/121¡C. Dispensing cartridge and pump unit are not autoclavable. Ordering Information: Supplied with aspirator, controller, operating manual, spare dispensing cartridge, and 2 polypropylene adapters (GL 45/33 and GL 45/38).QuikSip Bottletop Aspirator

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QuikSipª Bottletop Aspirator. BrandTech
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