Photo of Fyrite® Pro Residential Combustion Gas Analyzer

Fyrite® Pro Residential Combustion Gas Analyzer

The Fyrite® Pro 100 combustion analyzer is perfect for HVAC professionals who service and evaluate residential furnaces and appliances. The Fyrite® Pro 100 allows you to verify and adjust the efficiency of residential furnaces and appliances quickly and easily, enabling you to increase your overall service productivity. Measures CO, printer capability, upgradeable, comes with probe/hose assembly and hard carrying case. The Fyrite® Pro 125 is packed full of features providing you the necessary information to conduct a combustion test, CO safety test, draft test and differential pressure test in one instrument. The compact and ergonomic design provides quick and accurate measurement of oxygen (O2), ambient and combustion air, stack temperatures and carbon monoxide (CO), draft and differential pressure. Calculations include: combustion efficiency, excess air, carbon dioxide (CO2) and CO air free. Measures Oxygen, Air Temp, Stack Temp., CO, Draft, Differential Pressure, and Combustion Air Temp. Calculates: Combustion Efficiency, Excess Air, CO2 and CO (air free). Also measures: Natural Gas (F1), Oil #2 (F2), Propane (F3), and Kerosene (F4). Printer capability, upgradeable, comes with probe/hose assembly, hard carrying case and protective rubber boot. Optional IR printer provides documentation of results. Four disposable 'AA' alkaline batteries (included) Battery Life: Over 24 hours of continuous operation. Size: 7.5"H x 3"W x 2.2"D. Warranty: 2 years, including sensors. Weight: 16 oz. with batteries.