Photo of Economy Glove Box

Economy Glove Box

Molded from clear acrylic, this transparent glove box can be used to create a controlled environment for a wide range of testing operations. It has many added features for adaptability including an air lock. The glove box is 91cm (36") wide x 51cm (20") deep x 66cm (26") high. Each side has an entry opening with a 22mm (7/8") flange, 305mm (12") O.D. and 298mm (11 3/4") I.D. with foam rubber gaskets on the outside and removable covers. Front glove ports have an external 25mm (1") flange, 203mm (8") O.D. x 197mm (7 3/4") I.D. to accept bare hand entry or standard glove box gloves (sold separately). Bellows Type Gloves (G2691-2) are made from natural latex with a removable hand; the sleeves fit 20cm (8") circular ports and 18 x 25cm (7" x 10") oval ports. The length of the extended sleeve and glove is approximately 76cm (30"). When the glove and sleeve are separated, the sleeve remains attached to the box. Gloves sizes are interchangeable and almost any standard laboratory, surgical or disposable glove can be used. The glove and sleeve form a leak proof unit with O-ring construction integral with the box. The bellows allows cooling air circulation. Sleeved Glove Box Gloves (G2691-3) are one-piece, seamless, non-bonded neoprene protection against liquid, gas or solid substance penetration. All gloves require the purchase of Clamping Rings (G2691-4CR).