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VARIOª Oil-Free Vacuum Systems. BrandTech - P8793-3


VARIOª vacuum systems provide continuous vacuum control, automatically determine boiling points, and eliminate hysteresis, bumping and foaming in most laboratory vacuum applications. No preprogramming required. Integral oil-free chemistry diaphragm pump eliminates oil-changes and reduces maintenance. A bi-directional RS232 port facilitates ISO/GLP/GMP compliance and allows the execution of complex pumping programs. Vacuum systems (-4/-9) are supplied complete with inlet and outlet catchpots, exhaust condenser and pump stand. One year warranty. 120V/60Hz except -3,-8 and -9 which are 230V.Model: MV10C
Ultimate Vacuum(mbar/torr): 0.6/0.45
Flow Rate(cfm/Ltpm): 4.8/137
Description: VARIO Vacuum Pumps with CVC2000 Controller

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VARIOª Oil-Free Vacuum Systems. BrandTech
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