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Photo of Decon Labs PROGUARD Professional Hand Cream

Just as moisture is the lifeblood of the Rain Forest, the BACDOWN®/PROGUARD® skincare system gives new life to your hands.  PROGUARD® Professional Handcream combines emollients to rehydrate your dry, chapped hands with a barrier film that seals in the moisture, seals out the problems! Formulated specifically for demanding lab use, PROGUARD® is particularly valuable in guarding against irritation from constantly wearing latex gloves. PROGUARD® is non-greasy, absorbs instantly, non-perfumed and latex safe.

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Photo of Decon Labs CONTRAD 70 Liquid Detergent

Contrad 70 is an emulsion of anionic and nonionic surfactants in an alkaline aqueous base. It removes virtually any contaminant from every surface – even silicones, dried proteins, carbon, most resins, waxes, and oils. Contrad 70 works by soaking, scrubbing, or in ultrasonic cleaning baths. It is totally rinsable eliminating detergent build-up that interferes with analysis, tissue culture, and other critical procedures. Extremely effective when used as an ambient soak solution – no need to scrub!

Photo of Decon Labs NEUTRAD Liquid Detergent

Neutrad liquid detergent is the perfect safer alternative to old fashioned caustic soap powders in every manual scrub cleaning procedure! An instantly soluble liquid detergent concentrate with near neutral-pH, Neutrad is substrate-safe and skin-kind. The phosphate-free nature of Neutrad, inherent rinsability characteristics and broad-spectrum cleaning capabilities are advantages that make it suitable for all critical laboratory cleaning applications. It is phosphate-free, chlorine-free, biodegradable and disposable straight to drain.

Photo of Decon Labs BACDOWN Gel No-Rinse Skin Cleanser

Bacdown Gel No-Rinse Skin cleaner is for professional laboratory & healthcare use where soap & water are not available. BacdownGel includes alcohol, aloe and emollients and evaporates away eliminating the need to rinse with water. Its formula is gentle on skin and meets OSHA requirements for hand washing.

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Photo of Decon Labs BACDOWN Handsoap

BACDOWN Handsoap combines soothing, coconut based surfactants with skin-kind ingredients to provide a gentle handsoap that may be used repeatedly with minimal skin drying. It is particularly recommended for applications where repeated hand scrubbing is mandated. BACDOWN Handsoap also has a pleasant almond fragrance.

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