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Reichert ARIAS 500 Transmitted Light Refractometers - R3015


The Reichert ARIAS500 is the first automatic transmitted light refractometer. This unique design automatically detects and interprets the shadowline position with precision comparable to high-end automatic reflected light refractometers. By eliminating the need for manual shadowline alignment, variances caused by operator interpretation or unclear shadowlines are removed. The ARIAS500 uses dual arrays to precisely measure Refractive Index, Brix, or equivalent concentration readings. Using the automatic mode, there is no need to position the shadowline within the crosshairs to achieve superior accuracy. Six high intensity, LED internal light sources provide bright and even 589 nm illumination and make the Reichert ARIAS500 suited for all types of samples including transparent, translucent, and semi-translucent liquids and solids. Automatic reading mode allows the instrument to take a reading without the need for manually aligning the shadowline. No longer are there variations in readings between operators.

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Reichert ARIAS 500 Transmitted Light Refractometers
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