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Bio Plas

Bio Plas 5000-4 Thin Wall Micro Reaction Tubes, 0.2mL, Blue - C2819-4

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0.2mL Thin-Wall PCR Reaction Tubes. Bio Plas
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Bio Plas 5000-4 Thin Wall Micro Reaction Tubes, 0.2mL, Blue Color, are designed for use with 96-Well Thermal Cyclers. Tubes provide optimal contact with the sample block, thus ensuring optimal heat transfer. 1000/pack.

Prevents cross-contamination
Provides secure seal for oil-free thermal cycling

Individual 0.2mL Thin Wall Tubes require an 8 or 12 Strip Cap to seal each tube individually

Fabricated from virgin polypropylene

Highly polished inner surface allows for maximum sample recovery

Capacity: Recommended maximum volume for Thermal Cycling amplifications is 100uL. Maximum fill
   volume for post-Thermal Cycling reagent additions to permit mixing is 200uL.

Tubes and Strip Caps are packaged non-sterile and are autoclavable at 121 degrees C, 15 PSI for 15 minutes. Remove from autoclave immediately

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