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Aquastar¨ Reagents for Aldehydes & Ketones - TT1000-2


Aquastar CombiTitrant 5 Keto and Aquastar CombiSolvent Keto are two new reagents formulated specifically for the determination of water in sample matrices containing aldehydes and ketones. Because aldehydes and ketones are so reactive, they can sometimes have undesirable side reactions with the normal alcohol solvents resulting in errors in water titration and sluggish endpoints. In the Aquastar CombiTitrant 5 Keto reagent and CombiSolvent Keto, the commonly used ethylene glycol monomethyl ether has been replaced with a non-toxic alcohol. These unique formulations suppress the undesirable side reactions, so the results are more accurate and the endpoints resolve within a reasonable timeframe. The CombiTitrant 5 Keto is a one-component titrant for volumetric water determination. All reactive components required for the Karl Fischer reaction are contained in a single reagent system - SO2, I2, and base dissolved in a long chain alcohol. The CombiSolvent Keto has a unique mixture of alcohols that is formulated to work together with the CombiTitrant 5 Keto. For Coulometric titrations of aldehyde and ketone containing samples, EMD Chemicals offers Coulomat AK and CK reagents.Size: 1 Lt
Description: AQUASTAR¨ Combi Titrant 5 Keto, 5mg H2O/mL, Poly-Coated Euro Btl.

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Aquastar¨ Reagents for Aldehydes & Ketones
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