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Aquastar¨ Volumetric Solvents for Oils and Fats - TT1003-8


EMD Chemicals now offer Aquastar Solvents for Oils and Fats. These new Aquastar reagents have been developed using alternate solvent systems that do not contain chloroform. Since mineral oils are mixtures of long-chain aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons and fats are glycerol esters and higher fatty acids, the two substances have different dissolution characteristics requiring different dissolution aids. EMD has developed effective solvent systems to be used for each of these types of samples. Aquastar CombiSolvent Oils contain toluene and is formulated to be especially suited for determining moisture content in mineral oils. Aquastar CombiSolvent Fats contain butyl acetate and decanol and is formulated specifically for fats in foodstuffs, such as butter, margarine, and vegetable fats. Both reagents are used in combination with CombiTitrants. Aquastar Solvent Oils and Fats is a universal solvent for long-chain, nonpolar substances, as well as light fats and oils. It contains SO2, a base, and a mixture of various alcohols. This solvent was developed primarily for use with both two-component titrants and CombiTitrants. KF analysis of crude oils presents a particular challenge due to the well-documented poor solubility of their tar and oil components in conventional KF solvents and reagents. Aquastar CombiSolvent Crude Oils is a novel high-performance volumetric solvent specially formulated to easily dissolve many common grades of crude oil and to facilitate accurate and reproducible results when used in conjunction with any Aquastar CombiTitrant.Size: 2 Lt
Description: Aquastar Solvent MC for Oils & Fats

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Aquastar¨ Volumetric Solvents for Oils and Fats
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