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BrandTech 4720440 Seripettor® Pro Bottletop Dispenser, 1-10mL - BRN4720440


The BrandTech® 4720440 seripettor® pro 1-10 mL is a bottletop dispenser designed to handle a wider range of liquids than the regular seripettor® for customers who do not require all the features of the Dispensette®. Like the regular seripettor®, it features an easily-replaceable wiping seal dispensing cartridge, making it especially suitable for liquids that tend to form crystals. Its pump assembly has a corrosion resistant spring and an opaque upper sleeve to protect reagents from UV-light during dispensing, while allowing for observation of reagent to confirm purging of bubbles. The seripettor® pro mounts on most common reagent bottles with its 45mm thread. The seripettor® pro bottletop dispenser is supplied with: spare dispensing cartridge, discharge tube, telescoping filling tube, three PP adapters (45/38mm, 45/33mm and 45/S40mm), operating manual, and one-year warranty.

Vol. mL: 1-10.0
Subdivision mL: 0.2

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BrandTech 4720440 Seripettor® Pro Bottletop Dispenser, 1-10mL
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