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BrandTech V1610503 Piccolo™ 250µL Bottletop Dispenser - P7170-3


The BrandTech® piccolo™ is a compact wiping seal dispenser for dispensing small quantities of liquids. Made from high quality materials, its small size and semi-automatic operation make it a natural for standardized procedures and kits where small volumes of reagents need to be dispensed. The spring loaded piston design enables one-handed operation, and the discharge tube can be rotated over 360° so that it is always optimally situated with respect to the bottle label. The piccolo™ bottletop dispenser is supplied with: GL 28 thread, valve mounting tool, 150mm filling tube, and operating manual.

Vol.: 250 µL

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BrandTech V1610503 Piccolo™ 250µL Bottletop Dispenser
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