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Chemetrics K-9203 Vacu-Vials® Sulfate Test Kit, 0-100ppm - W2735-1

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Chemetrics K-9203 Vacu-Vials® Sulfate Test Kit, 0-100ppm
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Sulfate is present at widely varying concentrations in natural waters. The USEPA has established a Secondary Drinking Water Standard of 250 mg/L for sulfate in potable water, as higher concentrations affect odor and taste. Sulfate levels are also measured in the beverage industry due to its effect on odor and taste. Sulfate levels must be monitored in cooling water and ion exchange systems in order to prevent calcium sulfate scale formation.

The Sulfate Vacu-vials® test kit employs the turbidimetric method. Sulfate ion reacts with barium chloride in an acidic solution to form a suspension of barium sulfate crystals of uniform size. The resulting turbidity is proportional to the sulfate concentration of the sample. Results are expressed as ppm (mg/L) SO4.

Sulfate — Vacu-vials® Instrumental Kit

Catalog No.: K-9203

Range: 0-100.0 ppm

Method: Turbidimetric

Kit comes in a cardboard box and contains everything needed to perform 30 tests: thirty ampoules, Acidifier Solution, Activator Powder, 25 mL sample cup, ampoule blank, and instructions.

This kit requires the use of a CHEMetrics Direct-Readout Photometer or a spectrophotometer capable of accepting a 13 mm diameter round cell. Instrument sold separately.

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