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Compound Microscope, National Optical Model 131 - M3100-4


National Optical's Model 131 sets the standard for high school instruction. Includes all the most commonly specified features. Rugged metal construction with locked on parts provides years of reliable use. The microscope's design incorporates a superior DIN optical system while precision mechanical components assure parfocalled and parcentered optical alignment for sharp, unsurpassed viewing. The optical system includes a 10x widefield eyepiece with a revolving pointer, DIN 4x, 10x and 40xR objective lenses and a 3-hole nosepiece with positive click stops. The 110v/20watt illuminator is built in to the base of the microscope and includes a conveniently located ON/OFF switch. The focusing system includes both coarse and fine rack and pinion focusing. Slip clutch prevents damage to the focusing system. Above the illuminator, there is a large 110 x 102mm stage with locked-on, spring-mounted stage clips. Model 131 is offered as a standard immovable stage or as a microscope with a mechanical stage. An optional eyepiece reticule (10mm/10div) is also available for both models. Weight 7.8 Lbs.

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Compound Microscope, National Optical Model 131
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