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Corning® 3312 CellBIND® Polystyrene CellSTACK® - 10 Chamber with Vent Caps, 2 per Case - CGWP-3312


  • Has 6,360cm² cell growth area
  • Two 26mm diameter filling ports allow direct access to chamber bottom providing greater flexibility for sterile filling and emptying by pouring, pipetting or via tubing in a fully closed system
  • Standard 3mm threaded caps have 0.2 µm pore nonwettable membranes sealed directly to the caps to allow gas exchange
  • Optional 33mm threaded caps are available with integrally sealed chemically resistant, heat sealable flexible tubing to allow direct transfer of media and cells
  • USP Class VI polystyrene provides excellent optical clarity and mechanical strength
  • Sterilized by gamma radiation and nonpyrogenic
  • 100% leak tested prior to shipping
  • Treated with a proprietary Corning® CellBIND® surface treatment for enhanced cell attachment.

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