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Detergent 8 1715 Low Foaming Ion Free Detergent, 15 gal - C5343-3


Detergent 8 1715 Low Foaming Ion Free Detergent, 15 gal.

Detergent 8 is a nonionic, detergent for labware washers, PC board washers, power-spray systems, ultrasonic and manual cleaning. Removes oils, resins rosins, and fluxes from PC circuit boards, electronic parts, phosphate sensitive labware and nuclear contaminated equipment with no interfering conductive residues. Excellent replacement for solvent cleaning. Dilute 3:100. pH 11. Item ships as hazardous material. Additional freight and hazardous material packaging charges may apply.

  • Replace solvent cleaning
  • Concentrated to save you money
  • Biodegradable and readily disposable
  • Penetrating wetting power to save you time
  • Free rinsing to give you reliable results and no interfering residues
  • Contains no phosphate, sulfur, chlorine, metal cation, halide, borate, silicate, carbonate, chlorocarbon, fluorocarbon or chelating ingredients

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Detergent 8 Low Foaming Phosphate Free Detergent
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