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Dynalon 522085-0600 Azlon 600mL Square Ratio PP Beakers - B3123-600


Square ratio beakers are the safe, convenient alternative to griffin style beakers. These beakers feature a vertical lip around the top of the beaker that serves two purposes: first the lip contains many spills that may occur with the rounded design of a griffin style beaker. Second, this vertical lip allows the beakers to be stacked together in sets when not in use. Maximum temperature for Polypropylene is 275°F (135°C).

• Shatter resistant - reduce breakage & incidence of injury.
• Polypropylene (PP) is economical translucent
• Chemically resistant to most acids, bases and many common solvents
• Autoclavable

Sub Div. (mL): 50
Description: Graduated Beaker, PP. 600 (mL)

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Dynalon 522085-0600 Azlon 600mL Square Ratio PP Beakers
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